Nothing is really useless.
Man Ray


Beyond the box.

As comedian Groucho Marx once put it: “Before I speak, I have something important to say.”

We adapt the world to our rational intentions and concepts. Our perception is limited. We see what we are able and want to see, it´s only a small part of the reality. A dog smells more than we can imagine; a bee sees the flowers differently.

We would be better off, if we consider the fuzzy logic of parallel worlds and wild processes that are beyond our control. Wishes, errors and fake news await us on the backstage.

We use to underestimate intuition, imagination, emotional intelligence and empathy.

We know that an image can tell more than a sophisticated explanation. In the blink of an eye, it shakes our deepest rational convictions and world views.

Spaghetti is made of pictures and words that break the routine. We hesitate. We sense that there is something there that cannot be represented digitally. We stop and breathe. Smell and enjoy.

Spaghetti presents what we find beyond rational thinking. It combines analysis with intuition. It’s like an open and fluid forum of tales, pictures, visions and practices, presented in any form. Here come a few Spaghettis to enjoy.