If you don’t go up to the mountains,
you do not know the plains of the valleys.


What do we offer?

We are what we do. We tailor our services and products to match your needs and objectives. We agree on clear priorities for involved actors to ensure optimum use of time and resources. We keep track on progress and monitor against objectives and correct timely deviations from course.

Most of our consulting services connect analysis with partzipatory debate, and combine with training and research. Customised solutions are geared to your needs and objectives to empower strategic orientation and capacity for change.

Understanding complexity requires a comprehensive systems approach, including simultaneously different dimensions of capacity development: strengthening team performance and management, critical assessment of politics in view of distributional effects, inclusive development and transparency, enabling and promoting multi-stakeholder cooperation and improving inclusive institutional frameworks and accountable governance.

Each consulting process is tailored to the specific needs, goals and context conditions. The main phases of a typical process may look like this:

Capacity development is about strengthening different partners and tapping potentials. This is the key to sustainable economic and social development in an enabling institutional environment. In this way we turn understanding and change into opportunity.

In brief, our consulting services cover a wide range of topics and management processes, developed in constant exchange with science and practice. These working areas can be summarized as follows:

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