If one does not know to which port
one is sailing, no wind is favorable.
Lucius Annaeus Seneca


What do we stand for?

We support organizations, managers and teams in the areas of politics, management, multi-stakeholder cooperation and conflict transformation.

We ask questions, develop concepts and strategies, we formulate plans and provide guidance and tools. We design cooperation processes based on mutual trust.

We live in a multidimensional world. Therefore, we pursue multidisciplinary approaches. We adapt our services to the needs of the client.

We create added value out of existing resources. That is why we look for untapped potentials.

We reduce complexity in order to promote communication and participation.

We respect the diversity of people, concepts and opinions. That is why we are transparent about our own values and principles.

We scan globally and generate local solutions with our clients. New roadmaps emerge from dialogue and cooperation among different actors. We forge viable agreements. We empower people and build intelligence.

Many organizations and institutions don’t enable inclusive development in terms of equal access to justice, opportunities and basic services. That is why we develop projects that bring together energy for change.

By changing views and seeking new opportunities, we generate new choices. New perspectives and horizons can lead to disruption and may generate turbulence. However, this is exciting, useful and worthwhile.

We do not have the final answer. But we like to be part of searching viable solutions.

Quality means for us:

  • Solutions that emerge from practice, interdisciplinary reflection and from the access to new knowledge.
  • Participatory and systemic approaches which induce innovative views, empowers imagination and facilitates learning within and between the organizations.
  • A continuous process of professional improvement and of managerial and technical innovation based on a combination of global reach and local understanding.

We are practical. Each person, each organization, each environment is different. According to the client’s needs, we conform the multidisciplinary team that will develop – together with you – sustainable solutions.

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